Before working  exclusively with digital techniques -within and about 2.0 enviroments-, the artist known as Agente Doble (Double Agent) had already started tracing  a particular dialogical path with mass media societies under several pseudonyms. During this period, he used intensively detournement as well as collage, and decollage. Establishing a tense dialogue within the unidirectional axis of mass media was his way and  aim of action. Once a bidirectional communication was installed in society by using 2.0 technology, his work is redirected toward a critique about media 2.0 as the unifying force of  contemporary identity.

Some of his works have been exhibited in several events as  HACKTIST | SPAMM - Monaddigital (SANSHAN Museum CHINA), Copie Copains Club  (Vasarely Foundation) France , WEBTICS | SPAMM  New York, , Inside the www.WHIT3CU.beLove Me Truly | Matadero Madrid, Festival de la Internacional de la Imagen  | Colombia o Minority Space |Beijing CHINA

Recently, Facebook deleted his profile arguing that “Agente Doble” was a fake name. Since most of his works were developed and exhibited as posts, events, or videos within the social platform, with this action, Facebook has taken them away from public circulation leading to a loss of his work.

Currently Agente Doble is part of Daft Gallery